Bird Scarer Hawk Kites -- NOW IN STOCK!!

Our Pest Control Range has expanded! As well as stocking a full range of pigeon netting and accessories, we are now also stocking Hawk Kites.

The Hawk Kite will dip and recover to imitate a bird of prey, scaring away pigeons and other birds. The kite is reinforced and stitched at all the wear points making it extraordinarily tough. Using carbon fibre struts - it is extremely strong, light and flexible, flying in the lightest breeze. Unlike many other pigeon scaring devices Scare'm is always changing. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind. Therefore the pigeons never become accustomed to the kite.

The full kit consists of:

  • Hawk kite
  • telescopic pole with rubber caps at each end
  • synthetic heavy duty ground post
  • 2-part 8-plaite 2mm Braided Cord with swivel
  • securing line for anchoring during heavy winds
  • ground disk to prevent pole from burying itself into soft ground

Now comes with FREE Delta Kite For further information, advice or installation costs please call 26622134 or visit our office in Peyia Village


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